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No takers for golden mother award, Calicut University calls it off

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Feminists and students call victory as Calicut University postpones the blatantly patriarchal golden mother award

By Team FI

The Golden Mother Award instituted by the University of Calicut, Kerala has been postponed. The insufficient number of nominations was given as a reason for this postponement. It is reported that only 46 applications were received despite the deadline was extended three times.

University students and staff who campaigned against the anti woman award feel that this decision to postpone the award was a direct impact of the protests from feminist groups, students organisations, media and academic community.

The University’s decision to grant Golden Mother awards to “successful working mother” had drawn flak from feminists, students and the academia. Women activists had submitted a petition to the Vice-Chancellor, M. Abdul Salam and had alleged that the award was an attempt to glorify women achievers primarily as mothers.

According to the University, the award was set to highlight the “the contribution of mothers to societal development and nation building and to provide exemplary models to youngsters.”