Who Needs Feminism?

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An online campaign by undergraduate female students at Duke University asking their fellow students on campus – why they need feminism – is now garnering tremendous responses from students at schools and universities from other countries too

By Team FI

On 11th April, 16 undergraduate female students at the Duke University in North Carolina, USA, launched a unique online campaign – ‘Who needs Feminism?’ on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. The campaign asked the students on campus to give reasons for why they believe they need feminism.

“Identify yourself as a feminist today and many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal. Perhaps a certain charming radio talk show host will label you as a “Feminazi” or “slut.” Even among more moderate crowds, feminism is still seen as too radical, too uncomfortable, or simply unnecessary. Feminism is both misunderstood and denigrated regularly right here on Duke’s campus. We, the 16 women of Professor Rachel Seidman’s course on Women in the Public Sphere, have decided to fight back against these popular misconceptions surrounding the feminist movement”, says the statement by the campaigners.

Here is a video compiled by FeministsIndia Team

Though the ‘Who Needs Feminism?’ team originally planned for the project to focus on Duke’s campus, it has quickly spread beyond that. The campaign went viral as many young women and men from other colleges and schools in the country started uploading their photographs on Tumblr asserting why feminism is still important to them. The campaign’s Facebook page reached over 6000 likes within 4 days of its launch.




Facebook page , Tumblr , YouTube Video



  1. Sadhna Arya says:

    I am just very happy to know about this campaign. Amazed at the responses in the video film.Have always been thinking of something like this to do my college with the undergraduate students but also with the faculty – both male and female. I think I should not wait any more to start this. Do keep me updated.

  2. manasi says:

    Feminism ,in my opinion, is a fight for justice,a fight against discremination. which right thinking person can be against it ?
    a person – male or female -who beleives in social eqality and equal opportunities for all the citizens irrespective of colour or gender ,can afford not to need it?

    I have always been surprised at many great souls who have fought for equality of people irrespective of caste ,creed and religion taking a reluctant stand when it comes to feminism,which is also a fight for equality irrespective of gender

    male or female is not the question, but how liberal and democratic and openminded are u in your beleifs is the crux of the matter. To break away from conventions and to be prepared to lose power needs a lot of conviction and courage which many times are beyond the majority.
    That is why we still need feminism. we still need to continue our fight

  3. Shama Zaidi says:

    feminism in india means campaigning for the right of girls to be born, to be treated on par with their brothers and other such basic causes. it is not what feminism might denote in the usa.

  4. Arpita Biswas says:

    Feminism in it’s truest spirit I believe is about Humanity, not exclusivity. The day it becomes exclusive, it has stopped serving it’s purpose. I fear, women themselves are gradually turning feminism into the exclusive.

  5. mini says:

    This website is trying its best to see that feminism and expressing views about it does not remain exclusive. This is an amazing video . I wonder what such a study accross Indian educational institutions will bring.

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