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French consular official Pascal Mazurier to face additional charge of sodomy

Pascal -Mazurier

By Team FI

Pascal Mazurier, the French consular official who is facing trial for allegedly raping his three-and-a-half year old daughter, will be charged with committing sodomy under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

B.T Venkatesh, special public prosecutor in this case told media persons that the offence of sodomy has been included as an additional charge against the accused and the court will frame charges against him on March 15 on this count too.

Mazurier, who is on bail in the sexual abuse case, had earlier filed an application in the trial court seeking an order to discharge him from the criminal case on the grounds of insufficient evidence. However sessions judge Shubha Gowdar dismissed his petition in January this year. On 10th February the court framed charges of rape against Mazurier.

The criminal case of rape was filed by Mazurier’s wife Suja Jones after medical examination of their minor daughter confirmed rape.

The French counsel in India had dismissed the case as a marital feud, sparking criticism from women’s rights and child rights organizations. If convicted, Mazurier faces life imprisonment.

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Bangalore court frames charges of rape against French consular official, Pascal Mazurier

Pascal -Mazurier

By Team FI

The Bangalore sessions court on Monday framed charges against Pascal Mazurier, a French consulate employee, for allegedly raping his three-and-a-half year old daughter.

Sessions Court judge Shubha Gowdar who is also the special judge for child rights, formally framed the charges against Pascal Mazurier for offenses punishable under Indian Penal Code Section 376 (punishment for rape). The judge adjourned the case until February 15 when she will fix a date for the trial.

Pascal Mazurier, who is employed at the Bangalore French Consulate, pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges of raping his daughter.

In January this year, the session’s court had rejected Pascal Mazurier’s plea to cancel all charges against him. The court had observed that there was sufficient evidence for framing charges against the French national.

Mazurier’s Indian wife Suja Jones filed a police complaint against him after her daughter’s medical examination confirmed rape. According to child rights and women’s rights activists in Bangalore, Jones has been facing systematic character assassination by her husband, his powerful friends and men’s rights activists in India for seeking justice for her girl child.

Bangalore court rejects Pascal Mazurier’s plea in child abuse case


By Team FI

Bangalore Sessions court today rejected Pascal Mazurier’s plea to cancel all charges against him. Judge Shubha Gowdar in her order stated that there is sufficient evidence for framing charges against the French national who has been accused of raping his then three-and-a-half-year-old daughter two years ago.

Pascal Mazurier works for the Ministry of External Affairs, France and is posted at their consulate in Bangalore. Mazurier’s Indian wife Suja Jones filed a police complaint against him after her daughter’s medical examination confirmed rape.

The court will frame charges against Mazurier by 24th January.

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Pascal Mazurier child abuse case: Letter of a child yearning for justice

Pascal Mazurier child abuse

Suja Jones, the Indian mother who took her French husband to court for allegedly raping their three and half year old daughter, read out a letter written by her child at an event for raising public awareness about child sexual abuse

By Team FI

On the day of Christmas, a candle light vigil was held in Bangalore to raise public awareness against child sexual abuse. The vigil, which started at 6 pm and attended by 80-odd people, was organised particularly to express solidarity with the ongoing legal fight of a four and half year old girl child, who was allegedly subjected to sexual abuse by her influential French father when she was just three and half years old.

The father of the child, Pascal Mazurier who works for the Ministry of External Affairs, France and is posted at their consulate in Bangalore, is now facing trial for raping his daughter. Suja Jones, the Indian mother, is facing systematic character assassination by the powerful and privileged husband, his friends and men’s rights activists in India. She is being targeted for protecting her children by keeping him and his family away from the child who is still traumatised by the incestuous abuse.

At the event, a letter voicing the child’s anguish, written with the help of a large network of people’s / women’s movements, was read out in English and Kannada.

Feministsindia is reproducing the full text of the Letter of a child yearning for justice.

I am a child yearning for Justice
I thank you for taking this time to listen to my voice, and to hear my deep cry.

I stand as the voice of all those children who have faced sexual abuse in their lives

I speak for the children whose lives are marred because of violence against our bodies; our spirit

My future stands blurred because the memory of violence follows like a shadow over my head.

I am the child who faced violence at the hands of one, who I trusted and loved,

Who stood before me as a strong ground, and as one on whom I very much depended on to teach what is right and wrong,

I could not cry out against him as he was my own father, one whom others also loved…

I did not know how to differentiate between what is acceptable and what cannot be pardoned.

The pain of the abuse that I experienced repeatedly in secret came to the fore one fine day

When my plea “please don’t hurt me there” was once again drowned in the loudness of my own cry…

I could bear it no longer and wondered if I would survive to share this horror story

Of a scarred body and spirit – only three and a half years old – to which you could add a decade to every year!

Listen friends; I speak to each one of you who stand here today: the choice that YOU have

To either address my pain and divide it … or multiply it by your stunning silence, passivity, and ignorance

Do you know there are thousands like me who want their beloved society to understand…

That the scales of justice would work better, if only it would listen to the truth of our experience?

If I have gathered courage to speak today against all forms of violence against children, especially sexual abuse

It is because I believe that human beings can change for the better and realize their utter common oneness.

If Christmas day is celebrated as the day when Jesus the Christ child was born into this world to bring peace

We, as children, need your help, partnership and support to usher in new ways of building a Just Community.
Written with the support of a large network of People’s / Women’s Movements including Vimochana, Praja Rajakiya Vedike (PRV), All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), Aneka, Bangalore Birth Network, FeministsIndia, Jana Vikasa, Jeeva, Karnataka Sex Workers Union (KSWU), Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum (KSMF), Samara, Secularism Is A Women’s Issue – international network, Siloam Girls Boarding Home, South Asia Citizens Web, Swaraj Network, Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), UTC Women’s Studies Department, Women’s Initiative for Citizenship and Universal Rights and many others

Featured photo: candle light vigil outside Town Hall building, Bangalore

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Solidarity campaign for Suja Jones and child

child abuse

Petition by women and human rights organizations calls for support and justice for Suja Jones, who has taken her French husband to court on charges of raping their then 3-year-old daughter

By Team FI

An international group of women and human rights organizations have put together a petition to ensure justice for Indian national Suja Jones who has taken her husband to court on charges of sexually abusing their 3-year-old daughter. Jones, who resides in Bangalore, has been married to a French national for 11 years.

Jones came to know of the alleged abuse in June 2012 after a visit to a gynaecologist, when her daughter complained of pain in her genital areas. It has been a long battle since then what with the French authorities supporting her husband Pascal Mazurier who works for the Ministry of External Affairs and is posted at their consulate in Bangalore. The trial against Mazurier began on Saturday March 23.

Activists allege that the French authorities continue support to the accused leaving the mother to fend for their three minor children who are French citizens. They are demanding a more ethical attitude from French authorities. President Francois Hollande, during his February 2013 visit to New Delhi, was requested to grant equal treatment to both parties.

In a letter dated February 10, 2013, the Minister of Women’s Rights in Paris, France, was made aware of the following actions by senior French officials in India, who
• helped empty the joint account of the couple by cashing cheques issued by the accused from jail in the name of the deputy consul, leaving Suja Jones and the children without means of subsistence;

• retained the passports of the children, upon request of the accused, in blatant disregard of the Indian court’s decision to grant temporary custody to the mother while the case is pending; this also contravenes the obligation under French law for every French citizen to carry identity documents;

• stood by the father in court while ignoring the presence of the mother and her lawyers ;

• pretend that this is a marital dispute and not a rape case, although no divorce case has been filed till date;

• did not respond positively to any of the requests by the mother for financial and legal help.

Meanwhile, the French media, ignoring early medical reports and experts’ testimonies, have presented a one-sided picture of the case, highlighting just the point of view of the accused. Men’s rights groups in India are at the forefront of supporting the accused.

The petition further states that demands for clarification on France’s representatives’ wrong-doings were sent to officials in France. While the Ministry of Women’s Rights and the Ministry of Home Affairs ignored the demands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs justified the actions of France’s representatives in India and maintained that this was a case of marital dispute.

On February 23, 2013, an ad hoc support committee was formed. It called on French women’s organisations to openly question the role of France in this case. The committee also presented its case to the Special UN Rapporteur on violence against women and to members of the Indian delegation in the Commission on the Status of Women.

Activists have voiced deep concern over news reports that doctors were prevailed upon to revise their original conclusions and witnesses to withdraw their testimonies. Some evidence from the first interrogation of the child is missing.

On Thursday, President Hollande’s Counsellor for Asia-Pacific, Christian Lechervy, in a press release, stated that representatives of the French consulate in Bangalore will not be present with the accused during court hearings.

Sign petition here
Suja Jones’ letter to women’s rights groups at the 57th session of the UN commission on the Status of Women which met at UN Headquarters in New York

Featured illustration courtesy: Sarah Gamea