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Disability rights activists write to PM demanding a review of National Building Code


Requesting time for a finer reading of the National Building Code, disability rights activists demand that suggestions from people with disabilities ought to be included in the building plans

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A petition initiated by disability rights activist Professor Anita Ghai was sent to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the National Building Code (NBC) deliberations. Stating that the NBC is a critical element for persons with disabilities, the petition has demanded a thorough and comprehensive review of the National Building Code. “We want to be included in all the issues such as safety, toilets, and garbage disposal.” However, given that the activists would like to give their recommendations after a finer reading of the NBC, the petition pointed that the last date for recommendations was Dec 24. The petition stated that they could not do “justice to issues of accessibility in six days”.

Following is the full text of the petition that can be found on change.org.

Dear Prime Minister Modi Ji
As per the Accessible India campaign, the government visualised “an inclusive society in which equal opportunities and access is provided for the growth and development of persons with disabilities to lead productive, safe and dignified lives”. The campaign as we understand will focus on three verticals: built environment; public transportation and information and communication technologies.

Hon’ble PM, in his speech underlined the importance of Accessible India Campaign in the following words: “This campaign in its true sense has the mission of changing the physical and virtual infrastructure of the country so as to make it more accessible and inclusive for the persons with disabilities (PwDs). This campaign will pave the way for equal rights and participation of brothers and sisters with disabilities in all community activities. Our disabled brothers and sisters will get empowered in true sense.

The target to make built environment, transport system and Information Communication Technology eco-system accessible on such a vast scale is extremely important and I invite all the Central Government Ministries and State Governments to actively come forward and participate in successful implementation of the campaign.”

National Building Code is a critical element for persons with disabilities. We want not only ramps or toilets. We want to review the National Building Code. We want to be included in all the issues such as safety, toilets, and garbage disposal. We want to give our recommendations and do a finer reading of the National Building Code which would require time. However the last date given is Dec 24th. WE CANNOT DO JUSTICE TO ISSUES OF ACCESSIBILITY in six days. Please request the concerned authorities so that we have sufficient time so that people with disabilities can be truly included in the building plans. We look forward to you so that a THOROUGH AND COMPREHENSIVE review from the lens of Universal Design can be conducted.

As you know the disability movement’s slogan
We are sure that you will help us in this endeavour,
Thank you