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100 days of Narendra Modi: A counter report


By Team FI

Ghadar Alliance, a coalition of diasporic Indian groups in the United States, has released a critical review of first 100-days of Narendra Modi Government. Although many media houses have issued 100 day reports on the Modi government, none have been as thorough and pro-people in their analysis. The well laid out 55- page report covers significant issues like development, economic policy, culture, freedom of expression, human rights and gender issues, media and minorities.

The report “while being critical of Modi’s sectarian politics, assesses the economy from a realist perspective informed by current life indicators such as: over 40 percent of India’s population live below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day, four children die every minute from preventable illnesses, 78,000 mothers die in childbirth yearly, and one of five children under age five suffer acute malnutrition”. The report has, according to Ghadar, sourced its facts from publicly accessible sources.

Read the report here : 100 days of Modi