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What exactly did the JNU students leader Kanhaiya Kumar say?


By Team FI
Last week, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on charges of sedition by Delhi Police triggering large-scale protests from JNU students. JNU, known as a bastion of progressive students and teachers, is one of the most reputed Universities in Asia and its student union is headed by Communist Party of India affiliated All India Students Federation (AISF). Kumar’s arrest was based on a complaint by the ABVP, the student’s body BJP. However, a large number of students and teachers have come in support of Kumar accusing the ruling BJP of playing divisive politics in the campus.

Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech is available on YouTube and these are the main points of his speech;

1. These (RSS/ABVP are the chelas of those who had apologised to the British.

2. Their government in Haryana changed the name of the airport from Bhagat Singh to that of a Sanghi (RSS):

3. We do not want a certificate of patriotism from the RSS;

4. For us nationalism is to fight for the rights of the 80 per cent poor of India;

5. We have full faith in this country’s Constitution, if anyone raises a finger against India’s Constitution, be it of the Sanghis or anyone else, we will not tolerate that finger;

6. But the constitution that is being taught at Jhandewala or Nagpur, we have no faith in that constitution;

7. We have no faith in caste discrimination;

8. We want to uphold the rights we have been given under the Constitution of India;

9. The ABVP claims of standing for the students will be exposed if there is a debate on the basic issues of constitutional rights;

10. (Subramanian) Swamy says jihadis live in JNU, they believe in violence; we challenge the RSS and its supporters to come and debate on this.

11. They have problems when the poor ask for their rights, when the minorities, the women ask for empowerment;

12. They have difficulty in accepting when people talk of democracy and right, when along with Lal Salaam we add the Neela Salaam, when with Marx we take the name of Ambedkar;

13. Check my phone friends, my mother and sister are being abused. They talk of bharat maata but if my mother is not included in their concept I do not accept it. If the poor mazdoor woman, who works to get the Rs 3000 a month that finances my family, is being abused by them how can I or anyone accept this;

14. if you have the courage say inquilab Zindabad, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Ashfaqullah Khan, Ambedkar zindabad;

15. We stand with India, with the dream that Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar wrote; we stand for the dream that all get their rights to live, to food, to expression; Rohith sacrificed his life for this dream;

16. We challenge the Central government, we will not allow you to do what you did to Rohith to JNU;

17. We have to ensure justice for all , and that will come from Parliament, from the Constitution, from democracy;

18. JNUSU is against violence, against terrorism, against anti -national activity, the unidentified persons who have shouted Pakistan zindabad slogans, we condemn this completely,

19. Look at the slogans that the ABVP raises: communist kutte, afzal guru ke pillai, jihad ke bache. if the Constitution has given me the right to live, then can you call my father a dog, is that not against our rights;

20. Don’t hate these people, recognise their reality, i feel sorry for them, they raise slogans as they think that this will get them jobs. Their desh bhakti stops at a Pakistan cricket match.

JNU students protest: Rise in defence of democracy!

JNU-protest- meeting

The All India People’s Forum condemns the police crackdown on Jawaharlal Nehru University students and the arrest of the students union leader Kanhaiya Kumar

Full text of the statement:
The All India people’s forum (AIPF) condemns in the strongest possible words the trampling of all democratic norms and rights in the JNU campus. This is a targeted attack on one of the bastions of open, left , liberal spaces of hope, of dissent, of democracy.

JNU has been converted in to a war zone with police encirclement and raids inside. Students are being targeted and the president of the JNUSU has been arrested and sent to three day judicial remand. The AIPF condemns this encirclement and brutalization of the right to democratic dissent.

While the giving up of life by Rohit Vemulla brought out the deep rooted societal, institutional bias and had put the BJP on the political backfoot, it has seized this “opportunity” to hit back with its pet project of defining who is pro- national by defining and targeting the ant-national.

The latent but simmering contest between two ideas of a nation , of a country, have been brought out into the open. This is the challenge which all left, liberal and democratic forces have to respond to.

The AIPF, while calling for the immediate release of the arrested student leader, immediate, unconditional withdrawal of police forces from the JNU campus, demands unconditional apology from the Home Ministry for sending police forces to carry out the project of the RSS-BJP-Hindutva.

The Government of India is not constitutionally mandated to carry out such ideological onslaughts using government machinery.

On behalf of the Campaign Committee of the AIPF,

Swapan Mukherjee, N.D. Pancholi, , Gautam Mody, Kavita Krishnan, John Dayal, , Ambarish Rai, Kiran Shaheen, Vidya Bhushan Rawat,Avijit, Prem Singh Gehlawat,Rafiq Mulla