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Police evict Dalit rape survivors from Jantar Mantar


Delhi police evict Dalit rape survivors and supporters from Jantar Mantar without notice, molest women at protest rally against eviction

By Team FI

The day that the 16th Loksabha would begin its democratic process dawned with the Delhi police forcibly evicting Dalit protestors from Jantar Mantar, and molesting women demonstrators at a rally organised to protest against the eviction.

For the homeless Dalit families from Bhagana, Haryana camping out at Jantar Mantar in protest against the usurpation of their homes by upper caste villagers, the day of the first session of the 16th Loksabha began by their forcible eviction by the Delhi police without any prior notice.

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, early morning at 6 am, nearly 1000 policemen descended on the Dalit villagers camp at Jantar Mantar and evicted them using force. “The police men dismantled the tents, picked the belongings of the protesters including the Bhagana rape survivors and their families and warned them to vacate the whole area by noon. Almost more than 600 protesters, rallying for their demands since long time, were put on the roadside without anything at hand. No water, not even a mat to sit or shed to face the scorching sun,” stated the press release issued by activists.

The villagers had been camping at Jantar Mantar, which has been a permanent protest site, officially granted by the Delhi police and administration. The site was also witness to the protest against the rape of four minor Dalit girls from Bhagana, Haryana and the rape and murder of the two minor Dalit girls from Badaun, Uttar Pradesh.

By 8.30 am, reports came from Hisar, that the local police have also evicted the 200 Bhagana families living outside Hisar’s mini secretariat since last 2 years. The homeless villagers are now without any shelter as the state government has yet to grant them their land rights.

By 11 am, students, activists and concerned citizens had swung into action and the decision to hold a rally at the Parliament Police Station to protest against the eviction was taken. By 2 pm, the rally was on with hundreds of protesters converging on Parliament Street. Activists have accused Delhi police of molesting women demonstrators in the rally. Some of the activists have been reportedly detained at the police station.