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HC verdict on Mahmood Farooqui rape sets a dangerous precedent, feminists

Mahmood Farooqui rape

Following the Delhi HC over-turning the trial court conviction of Mahmood Farooqui for rape by stating that a feeble `NO´ can be interpreted as `YES`, several feminist organisations and activist have issued statement severely criticising the judgment. According to the activists, the verdict takes the legal and social understanding of consent back to several decades.

Sex workers’ network on Gauri Lankesh´s brutal murder


The National Network of Sex Workers, India joins the voices that are committed to freedom and democratic values in fighting to preserve the values and principles Gauri Lankesh stood for The National Network of Sex Workers, India, strongly condemns the killing of journalist and editor Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on September 5, 2017. Gauri

Gauri Lankesh murder: An attack on democracy, feminism and freedom of expression

Gauri Lankesh murder

Veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh´s murder is an assault on democratic space, dissenting voices and human rights defenders More than 300 feminists have gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the third Asia Pacific Feminist Forum (APFF). On the opening morning the participants shared their anger over the growing patriarchal authoritarian rule in the region and globally

BUJ statement on killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh


The Brihanmumbai Union of Journalists expresses shock and anger at the dastardly killing of Gauri Lankesh, editor of Lankesh Patrika, in Bengaluru this evening. Gauri Lankesh has been a trenchant and courageous critic of hindutva and casteist politics. Since last November, she has been fighting her conviction in a criminal defamation case against BJP MP

Pachauri’s suit against Vrinda Grover will have chilling effects on sexual harassment complaints, women´s rights activists

RK- Pachauri

We the undersigned activists and organizations of the Indian women’s movement express our outrage at the fact that R.K. Pachauri has filed a civil suit for injunction and demanded damages of Rs. 1 crore against Advocate Vrinda Grover. The attempt is to hold Ms. Grover liable in a civil suit for her efforts towards bringing official cognizance of two [...] Continue Reading…

Hyderabad University strike: Women´s groups extend support to students as police and administration continue to use brutal force on protesters


The strategy of the BJP government – to crush all dissent and establish a totalitarian saffron regime in institutions of higher education – is now visible in campuses across the country, from Hyderabad to JNU, Pune and Chennai

WSS strongly condemns the brutal police action against the students of the University of Hyderabad. The students, who were exercising [...] Continue Reading…

Feminists in solidarity with JNU professor Nivedita Menon

nivedita- Menon

The attacks being carried out on Nivedita Menon by certain political groups through student bodies like the ABVP, who are filing baseless complaints with the police, and the media like Zee News, who are maligning her with footage shown out of context, is an attack on reasoned debate and informed conversation, both of which are inimical to democracy

The women’s [...] Continue Reading…

Maternity entitlements must be universal and unconditional

Women's-rights- India

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women and civil organisations write to Prime Minister demanding immediate implementation of the National Food Security Act of 2013

By Team FI

In an open letter to the Prime Minister on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2016, women and other concerned civil society organisations have asked for the immediate implementation [...] Continue Reading…

Sex workers express solidarity with JNU students, demand Azadi from `Goddess’ Durga


Veshya Anyay Mutki Parishad writes to Jawaharlal Nehru University students expressing solidarity with their fight against right-wing orchestrated violence and intimidation

Dear Students of JNU,
Salute! Jai Bhim! Laal salam! We will win this war against sedition! March 3rd, International Sex workers Rights Day, Zindabad!

We write from the sex worker’s rights movement to hail your struggle and to add to [...] Continue Reading…

March 8 statement: Nationalism enslaves women


Your borders and boundaries will not stop the international solidarity and collectivisation of women, our imaginations dance wild like stardust, like the magic spells of witches

By Pinjra Tod

An Adivasi school-teacher and human rights activist, Soni Sori was brutally attacked by a group of men last Sunday, her face blacked with grease. Soni now lies in a hospital in Delhi, [...] Continue Reading…

Sisters, why should the Hindu right get to speak in our names?


Don’t let the Hindu right speak in our names! Calling all Matas, Mummas, Mummys, Nanis, Dadis, Buas, Maasis, Mausis, Behenas, Khalas, Phuppis et all

By Aarti Sethi

Main Bharat Ki Behena
Ab Sun le Mera Kehna
I Stand With JNU

Main Bharat Ki Behena
“Suraksha” Main Nahin Rehena
I Stand With JNU

Main Bharat Ki Mata
Samajh Nahin Aata?
I Stand With JNU

Main Bharat Ki Mata
Tu Mujhe Kya Sikhata?
I [...] Continue Reading…

Human rights defenders under attack in Chhattisgarh



Soni Sori, local adivasi leader and the Aam Aadmi Party coordinator for Bastar Division, was attacked by three goons on her way home on the 20th of February in Geedam, Chattisgarh.

Soni Sori has communicated that the attackers threw a chemical substance on her face and threatened her saying “stop complaining against the IG, stop raising the issue [...] Continue Reading…

Lawyers’ union writes to Delhi Chief Justice demanding action against lawyers who assaulted JNU students and journos


All India Lawyers Union (AILU) has written to the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court demanding action against those who attacked students and journalists in the Patiala House Court premises on Monday. A group of lawyers, alleged to be pro-BJP, assaulted JNU students and journalists just before JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar, arrested for sedition last week, [...] Continue Reading…