FeministsIndia is an online platform for all those who are committed to gender equality and justice. It focuses primarily on women’s issues in India and aims to create a unique and outspoken feminist space.

Feminism is a conveniently misinterpreted word. A movement that represents equality and justice across the world has been undeservingly labeled as hostile, misandrous and outdated. The fact is, as an extremely fluid movement, feminism allows diverse interpretations and expressions to co-exist. Diversity is its core strength.

Through this website, we intend to celebrate this diversity and spread the ideas of equality, justice, compassion and non-violence.

We welcome your contributions. Join us, share your thoughts and your creativity. Please note that, hateful language and personal attacks are not allowed. Our mail id: feministsindia@gmail.com

Editorial: Amrita Shodhan, Geetanjali Gangoli, Ramlath Kavil, Supriya Madangarli.

The e-group: We have been successfully running an e-group for feminist women since 2009. If you wish to join, you may contact the moderator  ramlath(at)gmail(dot)com with a brief profile.


  1. DANNIEL says:

    H.Congrats on Ur maiden venture. Proud to know what you girls are doing . Best Wishes and Sweet Success for Years to Come !

    Warm Regards

  2. Khushi Jani says:

    Feminism is being proud as a woman and not trying to be like the men .I hope your site spreads the message.

    • Barnali Pain says:

      Agree with Khushi Jani. And more importantly, there is still a strong tendency among many academic degree-holders to stigmatise Feminist thoughts/approaches as dangerous for peaceful social living.This is the ideal space to focus on Feminism with all its necessary shades and layers.

  3. Jameela Nishat says:

    Feminism is the only path for equality and justice.

  4. Dear sisters,
    i am following your fight for the women’s rights in India and want from all my heart to congratulate you. When all women from all over the world will start to wake up, may be 1 day their life will change… I am a French committed choreographer and dancer, living in Uganda and the leader of Uganda National Contemporary Ballet. I would like to propose you a solo named “CRY FOR WOMEN’S DIGNITY”
    by and with VALERIE MIQUEL
    Music Composed by-JEFFREY WEEKS HARRISON,

    CRY FOR WOMEN’S DIGNITY is a committed solo, which uses the emotional power of the dance and the music, the language of the body and the effects videos to help in an awareness of all the society in front of violence against the women.
    The main message of the play, choreographed and interpreted by Valérie Miquel is that battered, raped or dishonoured woman’s situation, is not a fate, nor a shame, and to inspire to the women the strength to say NO.
    “CRY FOR WOMEN’S DIGNITY ” is also an appeal to our societies to reject this “attenuating circumstance” created to exempt the aggressors of their responsibility, such as claimed consent of the person or the kindness of the cultural relativism.
    I would really love to come and perform this solo to your country, to help you in your fight for the women’s right. In case you are interested or you know some women’s organisation who could be interested in India kindly contact me burudanidance@gmail.com.
    Here are some videos on YouTube about CRY FOR WOMEN’S DIGNITY.



    I wish you all the strength and success for your fight and would be very honored to meet you and perform for you all in India
    Best regards.
    (nota/ I adapt my clothes for the country where I am performing).

    Valerie Miquel
    Director, Choreographer of UNCB
    Uganda National Contemporary Ballet
    Mob1 +256 (0) 773 09 15 86
    Mob2 +256 (0) 791 42 35 76


  5. Japleen Pasricha says:

    Hi, I find your website very interesting and informative. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Kudos!
    I just have a small request, i.e., if you could offer an option for a Newsletter so that everyone benefits from the regular posts and insights into the Indian scene of women’s position and empowerment.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi, I just see now your reply to my post. So I send you my contact and wish you and us women all the best for our cause.
    Best regards

  7. Martial Vout says:

    Dear sisters, dear readers,
    I m a Swiss self-defence teacher conducting free workshops in Mumbai. Please visit my website
    and contact me to give a workshop to any group you want in Mumbai (college, university, workplace, women association, etc.) The method I teach is no sport, it s about the women survival instinct. As a feminist, I also insist on the on the link between women’s attitude in everyday life and efficient response in case of an assault (beating and/or sexual assault). A woman who is too submissive at home (who let others decide for her, who let her children disobey, who is beaten, who is not allowed to work, etc.) and at work (who does not react when men are making sexual hints, who let her colleagues being rude to her, etc.) will not t be able to let her survival instinct work the day she has to fight against an aggressor. Being able to fight an aggressor is not a question of combat technique but is primarily a mental attitude which is rooted in the way women behave in everyday life. Thank you. Martial Vout -martialvout@gmail.com

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